Villa Rica Reviewing Charter

Villa Rica Ga -- The City of Villa Rica is currently reviewing potential changes to the municipalities charter. The city council and mayor hope to clarify many of the powers that are given to the office of the mayor.

The group seems unsure if the mayor currently has the power to veto any item that has been approved by the council and not just ordinances or budget items. A draft for the new charter could ensure that the mayor has the power to veto any item approved by council, even if it is just a resolution.

Villa Rica City Attorney, David Mecklin said, "Our existing ordinance provides that the mayor has the power to veto ordinances. Over the past twenty years, it has arisen in issues as to whether or not the mayor has the right to veto something that might not have been called an ordinance at the time that it was passed. This broadens the definition of what the mayor has the  right to veto. To make it clear that he has the right to veto and ordinance and a resolution."

The new charter could also reduce the amount of time, from 10 days to three, that is allowed for a mayor to veto an item.  
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