Villa Rica Residents to Pay More For Utilities

Villa Rica Ga -- Villa Rica residents can expect to pay more for water, sewer, sanitation and solid waste beginning in 2018, after a study conducted by financial consultants, Raftelis, suggested the services are priced under market and in some cases actually costing the city more than it brings in for the service.

That study will be presented publicly on Thursday, as part of City Council's 2018 budget conversation.

City Manager Tom Barber: "We are recommending that we follow a three year implementation of the results of the rate study. The rate study calls for a 20% increase of water rates and a 75% increase in sewer. So we propose to council in this budget that they take a piece of that this year which for an average residential consumer would be combined water and sewer increase to between nine and twelve dollars per month per account."

Barber said the study suggests that water is underpriced but not nearly as much as sewer.

He added, "Sanitation was almost priced at what it costs to provide. The problem with sanitation isn't in the weekly pickup that we have outsourced, it is in the service that the city provides where we run a redundant route every week and pickup, on the curb, furniture and yard debris for no pickup charge. We are not charging near enough for that, not even half of what it costs."  

On the bright side, when it comes to maintaining those curb side pick-ups, Barber says that while few other city's provide the service, it does go a long way in curtailing illegal dumping.
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