Villa Rica On Track For New Library In Two Years

If all goes as planned, the city of Villa Rica should have a new library on the north side of town in about two years.
The city is expected to lease a property owned by Tanner Health and adjoining the Tanner facility off Highway 61 in Villa Rica.
Director of the West Georgia Regional Library System Roni Tewksbury Tuesday said Tanner is offering the city a 50-year lease at $1.00 per year.
“We’ve needed a new library for about eight years. The current library was built 20 years ago—it’s 5,000 square feet,” she said. “Staff is tripping over themselves. There’s not enough room for the books and whenever they have programs we have to double-book because there is not enough room to seat everyone who wants to see the program for a single showing.”
Tewksbury says the proposed property would allow for a new 15,000 square foot facility.
During Villa Rica’s city council meeting last night, a member of the city’s Downtown Development Authority urged council to spend more time looking in the downtown area for a place to build a new library. Council instead approved the city to move forward in talks with Tanner.
“We have looked at sites in the downtown area… It just so happened that Tanner offered us this property and set a low cost,” Tewksbury said. “It was a gift that we needed. The city does not have enough money to purchase land that would cost a lot.”
The Villa Rica library is also on a list of facilities being recommended for funding in the state’s 2015 budget. Legislators would decide on that potential contribution during the 2014 session.
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