Twitter Inks Deal To Stream NFL Thursday Night Football

Twitter Inks Deal To Stream NFL Thursday Night Football
April 5, 2016
By: Jimmy Beck (@theJBECK)

On Tuesday April 5th 2016 the National Football League announced via Twitter that 10 Thursday Night Football games would be streamed live on Twitter.  Just to clarify entire Thursday Night Football games will be streamed on Twitter.  According to reports Twitter paid just under $10 million for the streaming rights.  This is a huge win for both Twitter and the NFL.  The CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey weighed in on the annoucement "People watch NFL games with Twitter today. Now they'll be able to watch right on Twitter Thursday nights."  The NFL and Twitter partnership also includes "Pre-game Periscope broadcasts from players and teams, giving fans an immersive experience before, during and after games".  This is a big boost for Periscope as well which will draw more users to the platform for exclusive content.  Twitter competed reportedly with Amazon, Verizon, and Facebook.  The partnership between the NFL and Twitter will allow the NFL to reach fans that otherwise it may not reach.  Anyone that is around me enough knows that I watch sports with my iPhone 6 in one hand constantly refreshing Twitter to see what is going on.  Most avid sports fans do the same to find updates on their favorite team during the game.  Twitter is where live events espcially sporting events unfold in the digital world.  The partnership between the NFL and Twitter will definitely be one to watch this upcoming football season.  This may be the beginnig of sports and entertainment parternships with Twitter surrounding live events.

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