Temple and Carrollton to Roll Back Millage Rate

Carrollton Ga -- Two more local municipalities have opted to roll back their millage rates after last year's residential property tax reassessments revealed that it would result in governments collecting more tax revenues than they initially budgeted.

Temple City Council on Monday rolled back the city’s millage rate to 6.425 mills from its current rate of 6.5 mills, effectively avoiding a tax increase for city property owners.

Carrollton City Council is expected to approve rolling back the city's millage rate next Monday during a called meeting, from 4.62 mills to the calculated rollback rate of 4.60.

"The council looked at the city's excellent financial health and made the decision to roll back the millage rate and not keep the increase in tax digest that was due to the increased appraisals on properties," said Carrollton city manager Tim Grizzard. "state law requires that if the digest increases because the value of property increases, cities and counties may either roll back the millage rate to offset that increase in digest or they can hold three meeting and keep the increase by keeping the millage rate the same. that has to be advertised as a tax increase."   

Carrollton's finance director, Jim Triplett, said the city would collect approximately $15,000 in additional revenue if they held the current rate of 4.62 mills. 
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