Temple Middle Schooler Called A 'Hero'

Mrs. Kristin Limbaugh and Kyla Turner.

A Temple Middle School 6th grader is being called a hero today after she helped rescue a baby and 5-year old child who were stuck in an overturned vehicle in Temple Thursday morning.
According to the report, Kyla Turner and her family, stopped to help after a car struck a telephone pole and flipped.  Young Kyla climbed onto the side of the overturned vehicle and was able to get the car door open to help rescue the baby and 5 year old child who were stuck in the car before emergency personnel arrived. She pulled the children out of the vehicle and put them into the waiting arms of TMS Media Specialist, Kristin Limbaugh. Limbaugh had previously called 911 as she witnessed the accident.
The infant suffered small cuts on the hand. The 5 year old was unharmed, and the driver possibly suffered a broken arm along with other injuries. 
Temple Middle’s Parenting Coordinator, Pam Gordon said Thursday, “We like to think that the quick response of our ‘hometown hero’s’ added to the safety of these children!”
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