Temple City Council Votes to Investigate Candidates Qualifications

Temple Ga -- Temple City Council convened in a special called meeting to discuss a challenge to qualifications of a candidate running for mayor. The city clerk received documents challenging Gerald Powell's qualifications. The documents alleged that in 1992 Gerald Powell was convicted of felony sale of marijuana. 
This alleged conviction is a crime involving moral turpitude which under Georgia state law would disqualify him for office. The present challenge to Powell is after the date where candidates can be openly challenged by a citizen. Because of this the city council must vote to request the Carroll County Board of Elections to investigate and conduct a challenge of Powell's qualifications.
The present councilman unanimously voted to conduct the investigation. 
Powell’s attorney, Derek Rouse, was available for comment after the vote.
Im not surprised. I expected it. So we just need to be prepared when we have a hearing or an investigation. Right now I don't know what they have. Someone did something using government resources to look up to see whether someone was qualified or not and they found something. So we'll conduct our own investigation and when it is time to have an investigation and or hearing we'll be ready."

The only council members present last night were the same ones who had requested the called meeting: Ward 2 Councilman Howard Walden, Ward 4 Councilman Tom Wallace and Ward 5 Councilman Richard Bracknell.

Missing were Ward 1 Councilwoman Penny Ransom and Ward 3 Councilman Todd Rothwell.
When asked why he did not attend the meeting, Rothwell told WLBB Radio that he knew what the outcome of the meeting would be, with the majority vote guaranteed.

Rothwell added: "The meeting and vote was an attempt to disqualify a man that has the Temple establishment running scared. They have made every effort to push him out of this election, all of which have come up empty. Like they often do, they have found a way to pass the buck. My hope is that the citizen's of Temple have a choice this November and are not stuck with the establishment's choice."

Councilman Richard Bracknell stated, “The law is the law. I cannot pick and choose the ones I want to follow. This needs to be reviewed by the Board of Elections to be fair to everyone involved. If he has a pardon for the felony, simply produce it and this is over.”
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Location : Carroll CountyGeorgia