Tallapoosa Woman Flees Police

Bremen Ga -- Bremen Police Chief Keith Pesnell said he's relieved that no one was injured after a Tallapoosa woman led officers on a high speed chase.
Bremen Police were conducting road checks at the Bremen City entrance and exit along I-20 as part of the governor's highway safety program. They asked the driver for her information and she said she had it in her trunk and then pulled off the roadway. As officers followed on foot, the driver sped away, leading numerous officers toward Bowdon Junction and toward the West Georgia Regional Airport. "While fleeing, her vehicle struck another vehicle and put officers in serious danger," Pesnell said. She was apprehended and now faces multiple aggravated assault charges.

Pesnell said the suspect is a habitual violator of license infractions. He said he believes that is why she fled from officers.
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Location : Bremen CityWest Georgia
People : Keith Pesnell