Store Owner Encourages Drivers 'Not To Panic. There Is Going To Be (Gas) Product Out There.'

Motorists in west Georgia did come across longer lines at local gas stations and some dry pumps over the weekend as the Alabama pipeline spill slowed down gasoline supplies in Georgia.

Regular-gasoline prices had gone up between five and 25-cents since Thursday at local convenience stores— and some stores that get an allotment of gas in the early morning are running out of regular and mid-grade by early afternoon. Other stores have been out of all options for days, and managers say it may be days before they get additional supplies.

AAA spokesman Garrett Townsend in a press release Monday said, “This is really what we hope is just a blip in a radar and those prices will continue to retreat through the fall, which is normally what they do.”

"I would tell your listeners that there should be no reason to panic. There is going to be product out there-- just don't let your tank get low," President of Morgan Oil, Jimmy Morgan told WLBB Radio Sunday. Morgan Oil sells gasoline at nine stores locally. "If one store doesn't have gas, then the next store may. There is a flow out there coming from Plantation, it's just very minimal."

Morgan expects that the pipeline issue could be resolved within three weeks.

"The reason I think it will take that long is that all of the tank farms will need to be filled. Coming out of Houston going to New York, there are 25 tank farms along the way that they store the product. They are going to want to get the product back into the farms before they take stores off allocation," Morgan said. "The oil companies legally have an obligation to allocate to all their customers a certain percentage of what they list. If my stores are on 10-percent allocation, they will be that way with everybody."

To find out local prices of gasoline, visit GasBuddy.com, which tracks information such as gas prices, allows users to pinpoint which stations have gas. Look for the prices that have been updated most recently as a sign that the location most likely is selling gas at this time.

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