Six Stores Fail In Under-Age-Alcohol-Purchase Operation

On 11/14/17 Villa Rica Police Detectives conducted an operation involving alcohol sales to underage individuals. Underage persons were sent into all establishments in the city which sell alcoholic beverages for takeout. Villa Rica Detectives followed the minors and watched as they attempted to make purchases of the alcoholic beverages. Six (6) establishments in the city were found to violate the law. The clerks in those stores were charged with Alcohol Sales to Minors.
The locations found to be in violation are:
            BP Station       650 W. Bankhead Hwy
            Chevron          701 Edge Rd.
            Chevron          157 Commerce Dr.
            Discount Smokes & Beer        733 W. Bankhead Hwy
            Liberty Shell   610 Hwy 78
            Wal-Mart         600 Carrollton-Villa Rica Hwy
Captain Keith Shaddix reports “There were a total of twenty six locations checked and six were found in violation. That is six too many and businesses should expect another operation in the future.”
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