Sidewalk/ Crosswalk Planned For Student Safety

Carrollton Ga -- Carroll County Commission Chairman Marty Smith says work on adding a new sidewalk and a crosswalk leading up to Central High School should begin by the end of this month. Carroll County, Carrollton city, the Carroll County School District and restaurant owner David Daniels have agreed to a plan that would add on to the existing sidewalk alongside the Chic-Fil-A on Central High Road, add a safe-walk crossing to that road and then add a sidewalk toward the school. Smith says the cost of the project will be divided evenly between the county, county schools and the city of Carrollton.
"I hope to have a true structure about what the cost is within another week to ten days and hopefully then we can start construction," Smith told WLBB Radio.
Smith says the crosswalk from the Chic-Fil-A side of Central High Road to the other will be placed between the Express Lube and the school.
Smith said, "We'll do some pipe work to level it and then put a side walk on top of that. We'll have one of those flashing lights that flash for kids to cross."
The area has been a traffic concern for students who choose to park off campus and walk to and from the school.
"A lot of kids were being dropped off there at Chic-Fil-A for breakfast and our goal was... when we had a second unfortunate accident to happen to one of the children and it was brought to our attention... to the city and county level and Mr. David Daniels that owns the Chic-Fil-A... we all came together and decided we were going to put money towards the project," Smith recalled.
WLBB Radio will update the construction timeline as it becomes available.