Scientists Share Findings Of Fruithurst Water

Fruithurst, Al -- Scientists at Auburn University have gathered dozens of ground water and soil samples to see if the water supply in Fruithurst, Alabama is contaminated.

The concerns arose after an alarming number of Fruithurst residents were diagnosed with leukemia over the past few years. That number is 8 out of a city with only 280 residents.

Scientists shared findings of their tests on Tuesday. They have discovered elevated levels of carcinogenic heavy metals and radioactive materials, which possibly formed from a natural geological process, in Fruithurst water wells.

Their study also said a plastic company, which is now closed, was located 250 feet from an artesian well. Carcinogenic material may have flowed to other local well sites underground.

Scientists suggest that more residents should be hooked up to municipal water.

A survey is being discussed now to gather more information. Studies will continue.
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Location : Alabama