Rural Libraries To See Dip In Funding

West Georgia Region -- Rural libraries may have to seek out additional sources for funding for daily operations after a new formula for deciding on how the West Georgia Regional Library disperses monies to the facilities within their 5-county region. This New formula will likely result in less funding coming their way.
The new formula ensures that libraries serving larger populations get more of the collected tax funds. It will also result in less funding for libraries like the one in Whitesburg, which has grown accustom to receiving a certain amount.
Clint chance is the chairman of the board for the West Georgia Regional Library System, "Before the system had built itself over time into 'let's just pay for what we can here and there.' Now it has built itself into a very large organization. So you've got to look at things from a fundamental standpoint. You have to look at it from a formula basis which is fair and equitable across all of the facilities. In that census formula obviously an area that does not have a large tax base or a large service population is not going to get the amount of funding because it is not giving in the amount of funding to the funding agencies."
Chance continued, saying that Whitesburg is already on board, "We are doing everything can. We have alerted all of the appropriate funding agencies of the situation. We've all been working hand in hand to look and digest the information. The first good feedback is that the city of Whitesburg has upped their commitment from $14,000 a year to $21,500 a year. So people are getting on board and believing in these facilities."
Chance said the library in Mount Zion is in a similar situation. However, he said that Mount Zion City has pledged to basically fund the short fall once that number is determined.
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