Residents/ Vendor Upset By Confederate Flag Sales At City Founders Day Event

Some Temple residents say they are displeased that a local Sons Of Confederate Veterans group will be allowed to sell confederate flags at this year’s Founder’s Day Festival, stating the ‘stars & bars’ is an offensive symbol to some.
One vendor— an African-American woman— has pulled her plan to be part of the festivities and tells the organizer it is because the flags will be there.
Event organizer and City councilman Todd Rothwell says he will not tell the ‘Haralson Invincibles Camp (SOCV)’ that they cannot be part of the parade or exhibits. He says they have as much right to participate in the event as any one else. He calls it a "1st amendment issue."
“What this group is doing… it’s a living history exhibit,” Rothwell told WLBB Radio Monday. “They try to talk to people and educate people about heritage and genealogy. It’s not a red-neck selling flags.”

“Even if it was a city run-event, the group is protected by the 1st amendment,” city attorney Cade Parian stated Tuesday. “For them to particpate is a constitutional right.”

Rothwell says the group does have a confederate flag displayed on a canon for the exhibit; and, he says they sell different flags— including the confederate flag— to raise money for their non-profit organization.

Temple’s Founders Day Festival is Saturday September 24th.
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