Residents Unhappy With Abuse Of New Clem Community Center

Carroll County Ga -- Some members of the Clem Community and Carroll County Government vented their frustration over the weekend to what they perceive to be as disrespect and abuse by some certain guests of the new Clem Community Center.
The Carroll County Government officially opened the modernized facility last summer after purchasing the property from the Clem Community Center Board. The facility had fallen into disrepair and needed several upgrades after half a century of being run by the community.  Several improvements and uprades were made once the county put the center under its parks department. That also meant that the facility could be used by anyone interested in Carroll County and who could pay a $100 deposit.
Clem Community Center Board Member and former Carroll County Commissioner John Wilson said some guests have done more than $100 worth of damage to the popular facility on numerous occasions; but; a pair of parties there this weekend has him really fired up.
Wilson said that all county tax payers should be concerned, "People have used it a lot for birthday parties and they use pushpins that makes holes in the sheet rock. Then they tape banners on the walls and when they pull the tape off, it pulls the paint off and the sheet rock paper off. This weekend they were having parties there and broke the counter tops. They found drug paraphernalia in the bathrooms and beer cans in the trash. People just don't care anymore I guess. It's sad that they have a nice facility that was paid for by SPLOST dollars and they just could care less about it."

Clem residents and board members have suggested the county raise the usage fee and/or deposit to rent the county facility.

A report on the damages was filed with the Carroll County Sheriff's office over the weekend.