Proposed SPLOST to be Voted on in November

Haralson County Ga -- Voters in Haralson County will most likely decide this November whether or not they can support a new one cent special purpose local option sales tax, in which collected funding would go towards repairing roads and bridges in the county and its municipalities.

County Chairman Poole says, "This will be a mechanism that we can truly take off the back of property taxes. I just don't believe that we could ever keep up with the ways that the roads are deteriorating. This will be a great opportunity to address that."

Haralson County Chairman Allen Poole says the county commission and the city governments within Haralson are considering what roads and bridges would benefit from the tax.

"Each one of the commissioners had a list of roads that they brought and we will take those roads and prioritize them. the cities put together a wish list and I'm quite sure that they will prioritize their wish list as well." 

Poole is meeting with the elections office this month to ensure that the SPLOST question gets on the November ballot.