Police Say Saturday Shooting Likely Gang & Drugs-Related

Police believe one man was shot inside a Carrollton apartment Saturday evening during a possible home invasion. They say they believe another man who was associated with the incident was shot a short time later, possibly someplace else.
Carrollton Police Captain Shannon Cantrell says the shooting was likely gang-related and he believes drugs were involved.
Cantrell said police were called to the Paradise Apartments at 1212 Stewart Street around 8:45pm Saturday. Officers arrived to find numerous people standing outside of the building and the door to one apartment wide-open.
Investigators found the room to be empty of occupants. They did find shell casings and blood spots, including a blood trail near the front door.
Cantrell says investigators reached out to the local hospitals to learn if a shooting victim had been admitted. One had not.
Investigators asked 911 operators to reach out to hospitals further from the area and ask that they notify authorities if a shooting victim is brought in.
“Within minutes of a shooting like this, typically those shot will show up at the nearest hospital,” Cantrell said. “When that didn’t happen, we reached out further.”
With officers still at the scene, officials with a hospital in Douglas County informed CPD they had a man show up with a gun shot wound. A short time later, officials with Grady Hospital called CPD, as well. They too had a gun shot victim.
“We believe we know who our initial-shooter is... who our suspect is,” Cantrell said. “But we are not yet sure how the second person shot got injured or who drove him to the hospital.”
Cantrell says as of Monday morning, investigators will still searching for a third person involved in the incident.

The incident remains under investigation.