Police Say Robbery Suspect Hangs On To Top Of Victims' Car As They Try To Escape

On 05/23/16 at 12:14 AM, Villa Rica Police were notified of a robbery from the parking lot of the Chevron Station at 1217 Rockmart Rd. During the investigation it was discovered that the victim and her fiancé had stopped at the Chevron Station and the fiancé went inside while the victim waited in the vehicle. The victim was approached by the suspect who entered the vehicle stating that she was cold. The suspect then climbed over the seat and began to drive away with the victim still inside the car.
The victim and suspect began to struggle over control of the vehicle as the fiancé ran after the vehicle. At one point the victim was able to stop the vehicle and the fiancé pulled the suspect from the vehicle. The suspect then climbed on top of the vehicle as the fiancé was driving away.
The suspect jumped off the vehicle near Tumlin Lake Rd and was taken into custody by a Carroll Co S.O. Deputy. The suspect was identified as Morgan Nicole Vila, 24 years old, from Doraville Ga. Vila was charged with Robbery, Hijacking of Motor Vehicle, Kidnapping, Battery, Terroristic Threats, Criminal Damage, and Reckless Conduct. Vila is currently in the Carroll County Jail.
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Location : Carroll County