Police Investigate Domestic Dispute Involving New State Rep.

Both District-68 House Rep. elect J. Collins and his wife Kim issued a statement Monday following release of a 911 tape and news that VRPD is investigating a domestic dispute between the two.
from Kim's post:

"Over the past few months, J and I have dealt with several major health scares in our family, while at the same time trying to work through a rough patch in our marriage. Emotions got the better of us Friday and we let things go too far. While I am ashamed of my role in escalating the situation, it is not indicative of who I am or who we are. I apologize to our friends and family and ask for your prayers and support! "

The posted comments follow an incident between the two which had occurred Friday morning inside of the J. Collins Funeral Home.

According to the 911 recording obtained today by WLBB Radio, Collins’ wife reported her husband was preventing her from leaving the funeral home.
A short time later, Collins too called 911. He claimed that his wife was attempting to take documents that did not belong to her.
As Mrs. Collins continued her conversation with a 911 operator, she claimed that "Jay" was standing in the doorway” of an upstairs office room, preventing her from leaving the business; and, that the former-mayor had "wrapped a phone cord around her neck."
“My mother saw you wrap the phone cord around my neck,” she can be heard saying in a direction away from the phone. “She just left because she doesn’t want to be a part of it.”
VRPD Captain Keith Shaddix says no arrests have been made. But the incident does remain under investigation.
Hear J. Collins 911 Call here.
Hear Mrs. J. Collins 911 call here.