Plans For Micro-Brewery & Brew Pub Has City Considering Alcohol Ordinance Changes

Carrollton City Manager Tim Grizzard and city council are discussing several changes and/or additions to the city’s alcohol ordinance.
Some entrepreneurs are showing interest in starting up a micro-brewery and a separate brew pub in Carrollton city.
Grizzard says currently the city’s ordinances do not address brew-on-site businesses. That will need to be addressed.
Also, Grizzard says, the city’s alcohol ordinance needs to make clear whether those attending events at The Amp are allowed to bring beverages from home. The ordinance currently says ‘no,’ but— some coolers have made their way into those events in the past.
“We need to review the whole issue of alcohol downtown,” Grizzard told WLBB Radio Tuesday. “We like how everything comes together at The Amp (restaurants selling alcohol for drinking at Amp events), but the current ordinance actually says attendees can’t “brown bag” their beverages but we may not have a problem with it. So, we just need to talk about the ordinance, what we can and can’t do, and if we need to change the ordinance to allow for certain things… we’ll discuss that.”
Mayor, council, and Grizzard will discuss the ordinance during Monday’s regular scheduled meeting.
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