For sale:  8 Rhode Island Red Hens, 20.00 each, call 770-834-5374
Giveaway:  Female blue bulldog, call 770-562-3047.
For sale:  Mixed baby chicken's, bannies, wine dot, copper maran, coachings, 3.50 each, & 2 year old Maltese poodle cross dog, 200.00, call 256-463-9089.
For sale:  4 Minature donkey's, call 770-258-5176.
For sale:  5 Bunny rabbit's, 5.00 each, call 770-324-9739.
Giveaway:  Male mixed pit bull dog, no chains, needs fenced yard, 6-9 months old, not neutered, give to a good home, call 770-328-2513.
Giveaway:  Male part bulldog, playful with children, 1 year old, call 404-408-3359 ask for Bubba.
For sale:  BB Red Game Rooster, 8 months old, call 770-834-2797.
Wants:  Any type of goats, call 770-258-2783.
For sale:  6 pigs, call 770-832-8786.
For sale:  Beautiful Rhode Island Red Rooster, weighs 10-12 pounds, call 770-845-8063.
Found:  Male Black Lab, Tallapoosa area, call 470-514-6957.
For sale:  Whole Stein Heifter & Pure bred blue healer puppies, call 770-841-6815.
For sale:  Registered Nigeran Dwarf Nannie goats, 300.00 & up, call 678-614-2791.
For sale:  Several male and female AKC registered mastiff, had shots & wormed, 800.00 each, call 404-536-1703.
For sale:  Mixed chicken's, call 770-537-1572.
Wants:  Any type of goat's, call 770-258-2783.
For sale:  6 week old male rottwiller, 250.00, or trade for female rottwiller, call 770-378-0059.
Wants:  Big chicken's, call 770-646-9526.
Wants:  Black & white kitten or solid white kitten, call 770-212-1123.
For sale:  6 Goats, call 404-406-9182.
For sale:  Beagle Rabbit Dogs, 100.00 each, call 678-232-2789.
Giveaway:  3-4  month old female Jack Russell puppy, call 770-646-9526.
Found:  Small dog, George Greene Road, Tallapoosa, call to identify, 770-574-9749, or 404-772-3448.