For sale:  Dominacker Hen's, Rooster's, and Goat's, call 256-453-7408.
Giveaway:  Chicken's and Rooster's, 200 plus all free, white leghorns, call 470-334-1109.
For sale:  2 -  8 week old female Labador Retriver's, full blooded, 125.00 each, call 770-258-0488.
Wants:  Large Boar Hog, call 706-331-1010.
For sale:  Old English Bantam's, 6 different breeds, call 770-574-7527.
Giveaway:  2 year old Male German Shepherd, call 770-780-2350, Carrollton area.
For sale:  8 month old male pot bellied pig, or trade for chickens, call 678-371-5165.
Found:  German Shepherd Malmute, blue eyes, found Susie Pope Road, Tallapoosa, call 770-574-8578.
Found:  Small young beagle, Old Jacksonville Road, Buchanan, call 700-500-0827.
Wants:  Horse or mule that drives and rides, call 770-546-6330.
For sale:  4 Donkey's, 2 Jack's, 2 Jenny's, 550.00 for all, call 470-222-1399.
For sale:  Guinea pig and accessories, 5.00, call 404-308-6689.
For sale:  11 Goats, call 770-490-2210.
For sale:  Boa Snake with ghost genes, tame, female, 40 pounds, 150.00, call 770-646-3782.