Park Visitors Claim Signs Of Big Foot

The park located in the southern part of Carroll County hosted a large group of campers over the weekend that believes it is possible that Big Foot is a visitor to the area.
“There are a lot of sightings in that area… and the reason McIntosh was chosen (for our gathering) is because one of my good friends who lives there in Georgia, found some footprints,” said Arla Williams of Oklahoma. She organized the gathering of maybe up to 40 people whom she says are all interested in the existence of the big foot. “I wouldn’t say that (McIntosh) is home to (Big Foot). It would be like a neighborhood. You have this gigantic neighborhood in Georgia.”
Williams says the visiting group did record some sounds from the area that she believes could indicate Big Foot’s presence.
“Not all of the audio (we recorded over the weekend) has been listened to yet. So, we don’t know, but—Yes, we did hear “whoop,” which is indicative of something that you would hear from Big Foot. There were other signs,” Williams said.
Williams says she has been interested in Big Foot since she was six-years old—that’s when she says she had her first personal encounter with the Sasquatch.
She accepts there is plenty of skeptics out there but says she has no doubts that what she calls a human-like species—is alive and well.
“There is this misnomer of looking for Big Foot, when you really don’t have to “look” for them—they’ll find you if you are open and observant to that,” Williams says. “If you want some type of encounter it’s very simple. You go to the woods. You enjoy yourself. You be respectful and have a good time. I can almost guarantee you… if they are in the area they are watching what you are doing.”
A Parks employee would not speculate whether or no Big Foot is hanging around in McIntosh Park but he did admit that if other people do believe in its presence, that could be good for business.
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