Off-Duty Cop Involved In Fatal Shooting Will Not Stand Trial

The case of an off-duty Paulding County detective who shot and killed a man trespassing on his property last July, will not be heard by a grand jury.
The incident that occurred on July 20th of 2017 was outside the officer's home in Tallapoosa.
According to a GBI spokesperson at that time, a neighbor called Detective Mike Hill to let him know someone was on Hill's property.
Hill stepped outside his home and confronted the man, later identified as Daniel Cash.
Police say Cash had erratic behavior and repeatedly confronted Hill in a hostile manner, despite being asked by Hill to leave his property.
Hill shot Cash after Cash advanced toward him, according to authorities.
Cash died as a result of his injuries.
On Tuesday, Tallapoosa Judicial Circuit District Attorney Jack Browning announced that-- after studying the evidence revealed by the GBI, he will not present a case against Hill to the grand jury. Browning said that he had determined from the evidence provided that the fatal shooting was ultimately in response Mr. Cash's provocative actions toward Mr. Hill, and consequently, was done in defense of himself and his family.
"It is my opinion that Mr. Hill committed no prosecutable offense and would be immune from prosecution under Georgia law," Browning told WLBB Radio Tuesday.
Among the information Browning presented on Tuesday to support his decision:
An autopsy of Cash revealed a BAL of .251, while post-mortem toxicology confirmed he was under the influence of methamphetamine and valium at the time of the incident.
Friends/ Co-workers of Cash told investigators that Cash was in an altercation earlier in the day and was visibly angry.
A neighbor of Cash had seen Hill walking on Crossroads Church Road, near her home; something, she says, that was unusual. She said that Cash was "in the roadway and shirtless." She said Cash appeared to flag her down for a ride, and when she did not stop, he threw his hands in the air and became angry. She then called Hill's residence to notify her of the stranger approaching his home, as she was concerned his two young children may be home alone.
Hill saw Cash coming onto his property and asked him what he wanted. Cash allegedly insisted that Hill "was going to give him a ride," despite the fact the men did not know one another. Hill declined and insisted Cash leave his property. At one point, Hill told Cash that Hill was a deputy.
Video surveillance outside of Hill's home shows Cash approaching Hill, Hill stepping backward and pointing a gun at Cash, and Cash continuing to approach Hill despite the gun being pointed at him. Cash was within five feet of Hill when the fatal shot was fired, according to Browning.
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