North Loop Might Face Delay

Villa Rica Ga -- Construction for the North Loop Project in Villa Rica, may be on hold again. After significant progress over the last couple years City Manager Tom Barber last week said the city's consulting firm has been told by Georgia Department of Transportation officials that the state funding to move ahead with construction has been pulled and reallocated for a project elsewhere in the state.
"So when the guys with (engineering consulting firm) Keck and Wood went to GDOT and said 'hey what's the deal?' What they were told was that Villa Rica had delayed the project by adding 20 parcels to the right away acquisition and what that meant was that because we went from red lights to roundabouts, there were 20 more pieces of property to be purchased and because of that, it had delayed the project and so they had pushed the money onto somebody else that was closer to being ready for construction."
Barber points out that the idea to change to roundabouts was suggested by GDOT.
Mayor Jeff Reese and Councilwoman Leslie Mcpherson echoed Barber's frustration.
"(Earlier this year) they came to us... they being GDOT... and said hey we would like to pay for these roundabouts at the terminus of both of these loops. At no time that I remember, did they say that if you do, it will delay the project by three years," added Reese.
When completed, the North Loop would connect Highway 101/Industrial Boulevard at the intersection with Rockmart Road with Highway 61/Dallas highway near the intersection with Punkintown Road.

Barber says the situation has now become a "political issue" which will result in himself, the mayor, state representatives and senator encouraging GDOT to get the funding back in place "on a timely basis."
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