New Program To Help Bremen and Haralson Students

Haralson County Ga -- More than 200 area residents have already signed on to a new program that gives them the opportunity to anonymously help students in need that attend Bremen City and Haralson County schools.
Bremen City, the Haralson County district, and the Community Christian Council have partnered with the online program purposity.com to help get these students' essential needs met so that they can better focus on their academic progress.
The Bremen School Superintendent, David Hicks, said those who sign up to help through the program, will receive a text once a week, sharing a student's story and a specific physical need that the community can meet.
Hicks says the user can decide in each individual situation, "There is never any individual pressure to do it. When the spirit moves you to want to help, you will be aware of the need. We don't even know who is registered and the person who is helping will have no idea who the kid is. The designated administrator will know the student and that is to ensure that the need is truly met."
Hicks cited warm clothing and shoes as needs that could be met. The user would have the opportunity to find the items via the Purposity website. After the purchase, the item would then be shipped to the school.
Hicks is very excited about the new program, "It really is ingenious. It is a very streamlined way to help."
Visit the purposity.com website or contact Superintendent Hicks at the Bremen School office for more information.
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