New Program Enhancements and Opportunites at Fire Department

Carrollton Ga -- Carrollton City officials say they have developed a plan to address certain concerns regarding the city's fire department; which were voiced publicly during the city council meeting last Monday. City Councilman Rory Wojcik says elected officials are being asked to consider enhanced opportunities for promotion, pay for additional certifications, providing enhanced equipment, and physical/agility standards and testing.

"In light of some of the accusations and with further discussion with residents and some Carrollton fire fighters, I held a meeting with our fire chief and city manager. We created a plan to address these concerns and to further elevate our already decorated fire department," said Wojcik.

The Carrollton Fire Department currently carries the highest ISO rating. They currently hold a class one, a rating carried by less than 20 departments across the state of Georgia.

Wojcik said: "The City of Carrollton's public safety staff is one of our greatest assets. We need to incentivize and reward our quality staff for furthering their education in their career paths, in order to retain the very best. It is extremely important to maintain the health and safety of our staff. We will continue to assess and progress in this arena." 

Wojcik says the city also wants to look at a similar program enhancements and opportunities at the Carrollton Police Department.
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