Miller Funeral Home Celebrating 100 Years

Tallapoosa Ga -- Not many small businesses last 100 years and they definitely won't if they don't have community support like we do. Those are  the sentiments from Mindy Miller, a fourth generation funeral director at Miller Funeral Home in Tallapoosa. They will be celebrating this 100 year milestone with a community party at their venue.

"Friday we are having a party from 5:00 till 9:00 to celebrate our 100 year anniversary. we are going to get  Haralson County,  Tallapoosa, and east Alabama together just to thank everybody for the 100 years of support. We just find that it is so rare for businesses to stay in business that long."

The Miller Funeral Home will also be unveiling a new project.

"On Friday we will be unveiling a picture of the new chapel that we are building on our property. This has been my dad's ( Keith Miller) dream for a long time. Since I have come on board, this has been the main project we've been working towards," says Miller.

The anniversary celebration is open to the public with food from local vendors as well as an Amish rocking chair raffle.