Mayor's Public Assertion Suprises Staff, Suggests Lack Of Communication In City Govt

A disagreement between city council/city staff and the mayor could be highlighting a lack of communication within Carrollton City government.
One week after Carrollton Mayor Walt Hollingsworth publicly questioned and criticized the way city staff had calculated the salary for Carrollton’s City Manager Tim Grizzard; and, criticized a specific employee, the mayor said he stands behind his comments.  Although he did admit to WLBB Radio, that making the statements publicly last Monday “may come back to bite” him.
Members of city council and city staff insist that the calculations were handled correctly; and, say that Hollingsworth should have discussed the issue internally first before taking it to a public forum. 

The matter of Grizzard’s salary was first brought up during a city council meeting in January of this year. City council agreed to hire Grizzard as city manager and pay him the salary paid his predecessor, plus 5-percent. That number was approved to be $159,600.
But now, Hollingsworth points to the salary that was listed in the 2015-2016 budget for then-city manager Casey Coleman, as his reason for the challenge. That budget called for Coleman’s salary to be just under $147,000. Five-percent over that salary comes to $154,000.

watch July 2016 city council meeting here
City officials used Coleman’s W2 form to come up with the new city manager’s salary. An open records request by WLBB Radio resulted in Coleman’s 2015 W2, which showed Coleman made $152,000.
Hollingsworth says he is not asking that the salary be re-considered or changed, he just wanted to get the information “out there.”
But, getting the information “out there” before first discussing it internally is what is most frustrating to some city staff as well as at least two city council members.
Councilman Met Lane told WLBB Radio, “It would have been more appropriate for the mayor to discuss the issues with those involved directly first, rather than in a public forum.”
Hollingsworth said this week, “Sure, you would have thought that we would have got together (to discuss that), it just didn’t happen.”
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