Mayor and City Council Hear Fire Department Audit

Carrollton Ga -- Carrollton's Mayor and City Council on Thursday heard the results of an audit of the city's fire department. The investigation headed up by Vice President of Campus and Support Services for Tanner Medical Center and former Carroll County Fire Chief, Gary Thomas, produced 20 recommendations to be considered. Among those recommendations was the need for testing air quality at the fire stations.

"There is a big concern about air quality in the engine bays. Those trucks run in the bays and if you go to the station on Central Church Road, the guys gear is literally hanging in the bay with the truck running. There are concerns about carcinogens getting into the clothes and about the quality of the air," said City Manager Tim Grizzard. He also said air quality studies will be conducted on October 24th.

Newer stations have fans and filters that might purify the air but they will see how effective that system is before installing in other fire stations.

The audit also brought suggestions about available promotion and increased pay opportunities.

Grizzard stated, "This is the big ticket item and this is one we really want to do and I think it will do a lot for the fire department. As you know we had people driving the ladder truck not being paid as drivers. This was to save money years ago. It was something that your administration inherited. We appreciate people being money conscience but we don't have a title of battalion chief. Again what Gary recommended was that these people be promoted into the job they are running and if they are driving a truck, they get the driver engineer pay. The person over the ladder company would be a captain level person and that the person that functions as captain now would actually be a battalion chief."
Grizzard said those interested in the promotions would have to apply for the positions.

We have posted the video of yesterday's review of the Carrollton Fire Department audit to the news talk 1330 facebook page.

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