Man Tells Police: He Accidentally Shot Girlfriend In The Head

A Bowdon woman remains in hospital after investigators say her boyfriend shot her in the head.
The boyfriend claims: it was an accidental shooting.
Deputies were called to a trailer home on Lovvorn Road Sunday where the couple resides. They found 22-year old Andrew Weaver applying pressure to a gunshot wound to the victim’s face and head.
Weaver told investigators the two had been arguing. He says he was leaving, and his girlfriend said “then you might as well just kill me".
Weaver said he always kept a shotgun by the bed however, he never kept it loaded.
The report says he picked up the gun and fired toward the victim. Weaver said once he realized she was shot, he called 911 immediately.
Weaver remains behind bars, charged with aggravated assault and aggravated battery.