Local Woman Drives Into Barbed Wire "Booby-Trap" Set-Up Over Road

The Carroll County Sheriff's Office wants to know who set up what they believe to be a barbed wire booby trap. A local woman on her way home discovered the wire, which was elevated and spread across Laurel Road like a finish line tape.

Sherri Jordan was behind the wheel of her SUV one evening this past weekend, driving the road just south of Carrollton city limits, when she drove into the wire. What she saw and the sound of the steel whipping her vehicle, led her initially to believe she had struck a downed power line.

But, in fact, it was barbed wire. She could see where one end had been attached to a thicket of trees, then stretched across the road where it wrapped around a power pole and continued back to the thicket.

"I was driving west on Laurel Road and it was about 7:30pm," Jordon explained to WLBB Radio. "I approached the fork in the road where to the right goes to Old Camp Church Road and left stays on Laurel. I continued on Laurel and then noticed what appeared to be a line hanging in the road. I came upon it so quick that I just hit it. I stopped and immediately felt I had hit a downed power line. I did listen for the sound a downed power line would make, but didn't hear it. I went to dial 911, and the neighbor whose property adjoins where the barbed wire was located, came out. And that's when we saw that it was barbed wire and how it was set-up."

Jordan was physically un-injured.

Perhaps a bit in shock, she said she didn't really grasp the seriousness of what had just happened... Or what could have happened... until further observation.

"I was appalled and very alarmed that someone would go to that length to injure someone," she said. "It took a few minutes for my mind to process that this was a trap. The biggest cause for concern was that someone set this up to injure... severely injure, or kill someone."

Jordan says the officer who arrived on the scene and two neighbors who had come out to help, speculated that it could have been a trap for someone on an ATV, or might have been set up to disable a car, so when someone got out to see the problem, they could be the target of injury or robbery.

"After they kind of assessed the area, I realized-- this is dangerous!" she said. "It's not like this was just a trap for an ATV or motorcycle or small vehicle, but this goes further. I could be robbed, kidnapped or worse."

Sgt. Marc Griffith with the Carroll County Sheriff's Office said Wednesday that a report of the incident has been filed.
"And we take it seriously, just as if-- say someone threw rocks or anything off a bridge or interstate overpass, we treat it as serious as that, because anytime you have an obstruction the road where there are motor vehicles, you know its a very serious matter," Griffith said. "With Georgia's terroristic threats laws to address these types of issues, crimes like this could be as serious as reckless conduct or aggravated assault charges you could consider."

Griffith says the 'spectrum for a suspect pool' for this incident is "so wide" he would not feel comfortable speculating on a motive or who the trap may have been intended for at this time.

He does ask that anyone with information on this incident to call him at the Carroll County Sheriff's Office. 
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Location : Georgia