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Just wondering...

Is there something wrong with the dirt at the Bowdon recreation baseball/softball fields?  I noticed that another light pole had fallen.  If my memory serves me correctly, light poles have fallen there before.

Is there nothing afoot to curb or stop the flow of filthy language by coaches to their athletes?  I  guarantee if that kind of language was used in  a classroom, somebody would be in hot water.  What makes it okay for a coach to use filth, and not okay for a teacher to use it?  Oh, by the way, aren't coaches teachers?


If any of you were at the Jessica Lee Foundation softball tournament on Saturday, which benefits kids with cancer, you saw some very spectacular play. For the first time, the 7/8 year olds were playing in their own tournament. Adults were having a lot of fun as well. 


Is there anyone out there that wants to go out on a limb and predict the winner of the rivalry game between Bowdon/Bremen, or Bremen/Haralson County, or Carrollton/Villa Rica?



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