LED Streetlights To Be Installed In Temple

Temple Ga -- Residents in one Carroll County municipality will soon notice brighter lights on its roadways. The City of Temple will be installing new LED street light fixtures on all of its major streets.
Temple Mayor, Michael Johnson, will be signing an agreement with Georgia Power to replace 293 street lights for the brighter and more efficient light bulbs. 
LED bulbs have shown to improve visibility for drivers by up to 25% over traditional bulbs. They also tend to last longer, up to five times longer than bulbs the city currently uses. 
Public Works Director Dwayne Eberhart said that this shift was inevitable as more cities in the state are urged by Georgia Power to adopt the new technology. 
While the cost to operate the lights will remain roughly the same amount as older bulbs, Eberhart said the city will benefit from the brighter lights and easier maintenance.  
Eberhart says a time schedule for the project's completion has not been set by Georgia Power.