International Businesses Keeping Carroll Tomorrow Busy

“2013 is shaping up to be one of the best year’s that Carroll County has had in some time—in terms of business growth,” Carroll Tomorrow, VP of Economic Development Brian Dill said Friday on the WLBB Community Voice program.
Dill expects the announcement of another business choosing to call Carroll County ‘home’ to be made in the next couple weeks.
“The work-force development continues to be a number one focus for these companies looking… and (Carroll County) can certainly tell (them) the story of a robust workforce…a community that pays a lot of attention to its healthcare and education… and we have municipalities that consistently excel and work to do everything they can to provide a positive quality of life,” Dill said. “It’s the total package. You put it on paper and say ‘why shouldn’t you be here?’ as opposed to why should you be here.”
Dill says there are more prospects in the pipeline. He says 70-percent of them are international.
“And people ask why are these companies coming to the US and Georgia. I say that Georgia has a comparatively low energy price. Our transportation network plays very well. Labor and capital operations are conducive… low risk in terms of business friendly,” he says. “One of the things we have been seeing as of late (is interest in our) intellectual property protection laws. We have very strong laws in the US and Georgia relating to property protection.”
The full interview with Dill is available on www.newstalk1330.com
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