Haralson County Celebrates 50 Years of Athletics

Haralson County Ga -- Haralson County High School will be celebrating fifty years of consolidated sports in the county when the Rebels football team hosts Temple at Taylor Memorial Stadium on Friday:

"If you have ever been a part of Rebel nation and have been a Haralson County Rebel, come on out and celebrate with us. We're expecting a big crowd a lot of good things going on and people being recognized and just celebrating what has happened over the last fifty years."   

Superintendent Jerry Bell discussed the celebration with Seth Cain on the WKNG King Country morning show.

"We've had people who have contacted either the school district or Coach Patterson who are coming for the first time since they have graduated," Bell said.  

A special reception prior to Friday's football game will recognize the football, band, and cheerleading participants from the school's first year.