HC Fire Chief: Customer Water Consumption Has Not Yet Decreased, Despite Call For Conservation

Crews from Haralson County Fire, Water and Roads Departments are working around the clock in hopes of clearing routes for more water to filter into the county’s main water source. They have been cutting through debris along the Tallapoosa River (and encountering many snakes).

Officials were able to clear around 70 blockages (debris, beaver dams) that were holding water from getting into the river. The ongoing efforts have resulted in the main intake valve falling about a foot and a half below the water’s surface and the water plant pumping for six hours without losing any water. “That was good to see,” said Haralson County’s Fire Chief Brian Walker. “But we are far from being over this crisis.”

Adding to concerns, is that water officials have found so far, that customer water usage has not decreased since the state of emergency declaration and the heavy push for conservation last week. “We have yet to see a deficit in water consumption,” says Walker. "Customers must find ways to use less water.”

Haralson County Schools’ officials had been preparing to be without water at three of their schools by the middle part of this week. But after additional streams opened to the Tallapoosa River, they now believe they can off on to their contingency plan for another two weeks. Than plan involved bringing in 'porta-potties' and a "water filled bladder-like device" that the schools' plumbing would tap. The school is providing bottled water to students and staff at this time.

In Bremen, city officials say their main water providers remain full, but City Manager Perry Hicks is still urging conservation.

“All of our businesses and industry that we have been able to speak with have been extremely receptive— not only to the outdoor water-use ban but also continuing heightened conservation measures,” Hicks said. “Honda Lock, as an example, are providing bottled water for their employees and working to make internal modifications to reclaim water in their production process. Higgins, the health care provider, are going to plastic and paper goods in their food services and are outsourcing their laundry services.”

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