GBI Investigating Abuse Of Power Allegation Against Mayor

The Georgia Bureau Of Investigation this month confirmed they are looking into an allegation that Carrollton Mayor Walt Hollingsworth has "abused his role as Mayor," and "allegedly used his role as Mayor to steer construction contracts to his own business."
GBI Region Two Special Agent In Charge Fred Wimberly told WLBB Radio that the investigation was suggested back in October by then-District Attorney Pete Skandalakis.
Wimberly says agents are focused on alleged violations of two Georgia codes: o-c-g-a 16-10-6, which deals with sale of real or personal property to political subdivision by local officer; and, o-c-g-a 16-10-2, which deals with bribery.
The GBI did not specify incidents of investigation, however WLBB Radio obtained  documents through a public records request from Carrollton City Hall, that may reveal one item they are investigating.
Georgia code suggests a limit to the amount of money a government official can make through outside work for said government, at $800 per calendar quarter.
According to receipts obtained from the city, Hollingsworth Concrete received a check for $1,357 on February 20th of 2017 for concrete for repairs to the splash park. On May 17th, 2016, Hollingsworth Concrete received a check for 1,711 for contributing to work on the Greenbelt.
According to the Secretary Of State website,  Walt Hollingsworth is listed as the CEO and secretary of Hollingsworth Concrete. His mother is listed as CFO.
The Atlanta-area attorney representing Hollingsworth spoke with WLBB Radio Thursday.
"I've been aware of and have investigated every aspect of what the GBI was asked to look into and I'm telling you-- there is no indication that he violated any of the code sections that you may be looking into," L. David Wolfe said. "If you understand how the laws have been interpreted, then I don't believe he did a single thing... believe me. I believe that will be the result of any investigation that might be going on. He has not done anything wrong. If they are accurate as contemplated by the code section, I don't believe there would be a criminal prosecution, I think there would be a -- 'you got to pay more attention to this.'
The GBI is expected to conclude their investigation into the allegations, and present their findings to the Coweta Circuit District Attorney's Office. The D-A's office will decide whether to pursue the matter further.
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