Former Teacher To Serve 2-Years For Sex-With-Student

A Judge hands down a 10-year sentence to a former teacher accused of having sexual relations with one of his students while employed. He will serve two of those years behind bars.

Assistant District Attorney Anne Allen said 29-year old Corey Michael Sweat of Carrollton had been teaching AP Environmental Science at Chapel Hill High School in Douglas County during the 2015-2016 school year, when on at least ten occasions he had brought a female student to his home and engaged in sexual activities. Allen says not only was Sweat the victim's teacher, but he was also her soccer coach.

"When our children aren't safe at school, what can parents hold on too," Allen asked on WLBB Radio. "Plus, it is so diminishing to the actually honorable profession of being a teacher. It diminishes the respect we have for our teachers when there are ones we cannot trust."

Allen says the incidents were revealed in by 2016 when rumors of the encounters had reached other educators. At least one of those educators reported their concerns and then the information went through the "proper channels," she says. Sweat reportedly left Chapel Hill on his own at the end of the 15-16 school year, and began work at another metro-Atlanta school.

He wasn't indicted until February of 2017: three counts of sexual assault of a student.

The non-negotiated plea deal was reached this month.
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