Former City Employee Claims Wrongful Termination; Could Seek $3M In Damages

When former Cultural Arts Center Director Penny Lewis announced her retirement after 15 years this past June, it seemed as though Lewis had willingly  decided to close a chapter of her life and move on to other things. However, according to a document obtained by WLBB Radio this week, the decision for her to step down may not have been all hers.
An attorney representing Lewis has notified city officials, that they may bring a claim against the city of Carrollton.
In an ante litem notice delivered, the attorney claims that the former superintendent of the arts was wrongfully terminated, and has endured libel, slander, false imprisonment, and consequential financial, emotional and physical damage.
The letter addressed to mayor Hollingsworth and city attorney Conerly, claims “Ms. Lewis was injured due to the negligent, reckless or willful behavior of the City of Carrollton and its officers, officials, agents, employees, or office holders acting under color of state law…”
Among the letter’s claims is that Lewis was “detained without her consent by armed City of Carrollton police officers during an investigation ostensibly into her handling of financial affairs for the CCAC.”
The letter further states that Lewis was “intimidated and threatened” via an “act of constructive termination without due process;” and was publicly and privately accused of malfeasance and criminal activity.
Lewis’ attorney is claiming losses for his client of approximately 3-million dollars in pay, benefits, expenses and pain and suffering.
The ante litem concludes, “Should the City of Carrollton fail to satisfy our client’s claim within 30 calendar days of receipt of this Notice, our client intends to pursue all remedies available to her to the fullest extent of the law and equity…”
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