Five Convenience Store Clerks Robbed In Two Weeks...

Investigators with the Carroll County Sheriff's Office and Carrollton Police Department are investigating five robberies occurring at local convenience stores, over a two week period. Investigators say a weapon was used to intimidate store clerks in at least two of those robberies.

The CCSO is investigating two incidents which occurred at BP convenience stores on  Friday, February 24th and Sunday the 26th. Clerks were allegedly robbed at the Southside BP on Highway 27 and the BP on the Villa Rica/ Carrollton Highway. Surveillance video at both locations shows what appears to be a male suspect. He is dressed in a way that conceals his identity.

A third robbery was reported the following weekend, by the clerk at the Buckhorn Shoppette on Highway 113. Video surveillance shows a black male wearing a short sleeved shirt  and his face covered, simply grabbing a cash register from the front counter, then heading toward the store exit. The video clip shared with media shows what could have been a weapon in the suspect's hand, before he put the object in his pocket.

Carrollton Police are investigating a pair of store robberies which occurred in the last week. Investigators say these two  incidents may be related as video surveillance shows the alleged robber at both stores was wearing a camouflage mask covering his face and neck.

Last Wednesday, March 1st,  a clerk at the Fuel Tech service station on Bankhead Highway alerted authorities of a robbery.  Video surveillance shows the masked man grabbing the cash register and fleeing the store.

The more recent incident was reported late in the evening, last Saturday, March 4th. A clerk at Neighbor's Market on Old Newnan Road was robbed. Surveillance video shows a masked man, but this time the suspect is carrying what appears to be small revolver.

The suspect ran behind the counter and reportedly yelled at the clerk "Move." The suspect then snatched "seven or eight packs" of Newport Cigarettes, dumped them into a plastic trick or treat-style pumpkin, which was being used to store several sets of keys to the business. The suspect then grabbed the entire cash register and fled the scene.
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