Felton Couple Delivers Items to Houston

West Georgia Region -- It was more than just your donations to Southwire's Project Gift last week that are showing Texas how thoughtful and caring the West Georgia and East Alabama region is. Among several other efforts locally, was fundraising by a Felton couple who raised more than $1,000 for supplies that they delivered to Texas themselves.
Chad Fortune told WLBB: "My fiancé lived in Mobil when Katrina hit a few years ago. We were sitting down eating dinner Tuesday night and I said we should reach out to our neighbor, he has a 12 by 8 enclosed trailer. If he says we can borrow it, I'm going to start telling people that we can raise. I said if we raise enough we'll go and if not we'll donate to Southwire."
But Fortune and his fiancé Joni Collins did raise enough to warrant a separate trip. The two targeted an area outside of Houston, that they believe may have not been receiving as much attention as the greater Houston area.
"We wanted to go to the outskirts of Houston where not much help was going. When we got there, there were no large organizations helping those people. They were two hours from Houston and four hours from where the storm actually hit. It was just communities there helping other communities," said Fortune.
Fortune says he is not likely to forget the experience any time soon.
"There was one lady, her name was Lydia, at Port Arthur. She had lost everything too, and there was a broom company in Villa Rica that donated a palette of brooms and mops. And that girl,  she was just ecstatic to see a mop and a broom come to help clean up with. It was unreal."   
Although he does see himself as a caring and helpful person, Fortune says he has never been motivated to take on an effort this big; but he concludes that he is glad that god laid this on his heart.
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