Elementary Students May Shift Schools Next Year

Carrol County Ga -- Attendance lines that determine which elementary schools' Carroll County district students attend could be changed before the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year.

On Monday, Assistant Superintendent Terry Jones said that the latest enrollment projection showed a decrease in elementary enrollment over the next few years.  

Jones said, even with an overall elementary enrollment decrease, there are some elementary schools in Carroll County that are near capacity and could still have increased enrollment due to new housing and economic growth.  

"The three elementary schools that are at or near capacity, include Ithaca Elementary, Central Elementary and Sandhill Elementary.," commented Jones."We also have a couple of schools in our district that are well below capacity. Those include Whitesburg Elementary, Sharp Creek Elementary and Roopville Elementary."

Jones said the administration and school board will consider the following: "Shifting some of the students from Central Elementary-south to Whitesburg Elementary and Roopville Elementary. We would also look at some of the students in the Ithaca Elementary School District-- moving them south toward Sand Hill Elementary and some also to the west to Sharp Creek. And then we have Sand Hill Elementary, we would shift some of the students down to Whitesburg and to the west to Sharp Creek."

The district will spend the next several weeks gathering input from schools and stakeholders. If the decision is made to change the boundaries, the district will begin working with schools and families on the transition process, in mid-March.