Dugan Supports Resolution Changing Rule On Unrecorded Votes In Senate

Georgia’s District 30 state senator Mike Dugan this week told WLBB Radio that he could support a senate resolution proposed by Josh McKoon of Columbus, which would change the rule on allowing unrecorded hand votes in the senate.
Currently in the Georgia senate, the default method for approving amendments to legislation that has already cleared public scrutiny in the committee process is an unrecorded, hand vote.
When this happens, there is no record of the vote from any member on the vote machine or in the permanent senate journal.
Current rules require a total of five senators to request a traditional, recorded vote on floor amendments.
“If Josh wants to change it to one senator needed, I’m okay with it as long as he is doing it for the right reasons,” Dugan said this week. “I told Josh I would support it because you ought to see how we vote on particular issues. Now, there are a lot of little, kind of innocuous votes, like adjourn for the day, which is a voice vote. Are we going to record all of those? That’s just going to stretch your process out. But how do you separate them?”
Senate Resolution 24 filed by McKoon would change the existing senate rule so that any one senator could ask for a recorded, roll call vote on floor amendments.

Since our interview with Dugan Monday, he has become the first co-sponsor of this resolution.
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