Dugan Brings Senate Study Committee On IT Corridors To Carrollton

On Wednesday, District 30 State Senator Mike Dugan and the University Of West Georgia played host to a senate committee focused on developing information technology corridors throughout Georgia and reviewing current state incentives for future IT and technology growth.

Dugan told WLBB Radio, that  he was pleased to show off the region's potential to his fellow committee members.

"That is why I brought them out here. We will have multiple committee meetings prior to the 2018 session and we like to hold them in different parts of the state," Dugan explained. "Because of the technology industry that we already have out here-- whether it be the companies providing the assets to get it done or the companies that are in technology themselves-- I wanted my fellow senators and these other IT professionals to come out here and see it for themselves."

Dugan believes this the first time a senate committee of any sort has ever been held on the UWG campus.

"This was the first step. we will continue to have conferences and teleconferences in between now and the end of the year to accumulate as much information as possible," Dugan said. "These sessions are helpful for me to show where the state sits nationwide... and then be able to see where our part of the region fits in. We are going to have competition with getting a technology corridor out this way, but one advantage that we have that we will continue to stress is ... we are not in Atlanta. We have workers, we have assets and we have relatively inexpensive area for them to expand out here."

The study committee is expected to submit a report of findings and recommendations--which could include proposed legislation, by December.
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