Discussion Planned Re: Housing Haralson County Inmates In Carroll County Jail

Haralson County Commissioners, Haralson County Sheriff Eddie Mixon and Carroll County Sheriff Terry Langley are expected to meet next week, to discuss potentially housing Haralson County prison inmates in the Carroll County Jail.
Sheriff Mixon this month, in a letter to Haralson County Commissioners demanded that long-time issues with the Haralson County Jail “be addressed and resolved immediately.” Mixon says he fears that ongoing safety and health issues-- which he says he has brought to the county’s attention numerous times in the past—if not remedied could result in a federal lawsuit.
Haralson County Chairman Allen Poole says the county is well aware of the jail issues, but coming up with funding to fix those issues or build a new jail has always been a problem. Poole also estimates that using another county’s jail could cost Haralson County as much as $135,000 a month.
Carroll County Sheriff Terry Langley said Tuesday that he is open to next week’s discussion and "I’m willing to help Sheriff Mixon and Haralson County any way we can.”
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