Coweta Labor Office to Close

West Georgia Region -- Job seekers in Coweta County may have to look to the Carroll County Labor Office for job hunting resources. It is now reported that the Coweta Labor Office is expected to close within the next two weeks.

Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler spoke with WLBB this week and addressed that budget cuts and less foot traffic in the Newnan office has caused the office to close.
"These are the decisions that we are having to make right now due to the fact that we have seen very large cuts over the last five to six years from the feds, who are really our main source of funding. about 95% of our funding comes from the federal government. We get just a little bit of money from the state. The good news and bad news for us is that the only time we get more money is when the economy is bad and when the economy is really good we get less money," commented butler.
Butler says his office is currently receiving well over $30 million less from the feds than several years ago. Those cuts have led to his office being down 1,000 employees around the state from when he took over as Labor commissioner in 2011.
Butler said that foot traffic and cost were huge factors: "When we took a look at the west Georgia area, basically there were several factors about why one was closed and the other was not. One of those was foot traffic. Which one has the most foot traffic, which is Carrollton. The Carrollton office has one of the largest foot traffic for its size in the state. Also cost because we were renting the office in Newnan but we actually own the location in Carrollton."
Butler says the state labor office has made investments in online services in recent years, and many services including applying for unemployment benefits, do not require a visit to a physical office. those benefits are available online at dol.georgia.gov