County Government Agrees To Mediation Re: Service Delivery Contract

The Haralson County Board of Commissioners has agreed to allow for an impartial mediator to be part of future conversations regarding the county’s service delivery contract with its municipalities.
Back in mid-August, Bremen Mayor Sharon Sewell and Tallapoosa Mayor Pete Bridges signed off on a letter requesting that the county do just that.
Carrollton-based attorney Tommy Greer has been selected as the knowledgeable and unbiased third party.
“Tallapoosa city residents are paying taxes of 11.02 mills but we are not getting anything from the county,” Mayor Bridges said this week. “When we do get anything from the county, the city has to pay for it. That’s unfair. Let me give you and example… if I have someone to come from the county to bush hog some of our streets in the city, we have to pay for the gasoline and the actual salary of that employee. But, if they go to the unincorporated areas and do the same thing, it’s all free of charge.”
In a response-letter sent out to the municipalities, the board of commissioners agreed to the meeting-- despite claiming that a service delivery contract is already in place and is good until the year 2017.
Bridges says he believes that contract is no longer valid.
“We contacted the Department Of Community Affairs,” he said. “They sent us back a letter stating that it had expired; and we are using that letter as our ammunition.”
Bridges hinted that the cities would not let this issue die down if they do not get what they deem as a new and fair deal. “We may have to do something more drastic,” he said Tuesday.
 Three dates of mediation are scheduled for late October.
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