County Expects To Revisit Public Transit Discussion; Commissioner Doesn’t Want To Hear It

Carroll County commissioners are expecting to revisit a long-discussed public transportation proposal in the coming months, now that a local advisory committee has completed a study on the feasibility of government-run public transportation for the area.
One of the more likely considerations would be to join in a rural transit system proposed most recently in 2015 by the Three Rivers Regional Commission. Federal and state funds would pay 90-percent of the cost, while the county would provide the remaining 10 percent for the plan that centers on vans coming to residents front door to give them a lift.
One commissioner who has remained against the concept since the discussion began is Kevin Jackson in district-5. And he says he is still against any similar proposal at this point.
“This particular program is totally funded from taxpayers. And, with the state just having and increase in fuel tax and the county going through a property tax re-assessment, I can’t believe this is what they want to push out in front of the people,” Jackson told WLBB Radio. “And, these services already exist in Carroll County. Through Medicaid and Medicare they have these vans. And at no cost to the user.”
Jackson says he has always held the opinion that similar services should be provided instead by non-profits and churches.
“When government gets in the way— such as a program like this— it discourages non-profits and churches from helping the needy,” he says. “As I get out in my district, people are tired of social programs like this.  It’s free cell phones, free groceries, free housing… and now we are talking about cab service, all off the back of tax payers.”
A recent study suggests that Carroll County is one of only four counties in Georgia without some sort of organized public transportation program.
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