County Commission Chairman Discussed T-SPLOST

Haralson County Ga -- Haralson County Commission Chairman, Allen Poole, on Wednesday thanked those that voted in favor of the county's 2017 T-SPLOST proposal this week. He hopes that those who voted against it, will be pleased when they see the projects, funded by that tax, come to fruition.

The plan to add a 1% tax on sales which would go toward transportation projects in the county and its municipalities narrowly passed on Tuesday, 957 to 933 votes.

Poole stated, "I believe that this will enable us to start addressing the much needed repairs on our roads and bridges in the county. The citizens that didn't support the T-SPLOST, I would encourage them to stay vigilant and keep a watch on the things that we have put on the ballot that we would do and I believe that they will be encouraged and realize that this was a mechanism that can help us move forward when it comes to infrastructure on the roads and bridges."

So, when will the county and municipalities see the new funding put to work?
"We'll see some collections at about March or April and once we generate enough revenue to start looking at immediately impacting those smaller roads," continued Poole.   

Poole said there are no plans to bond any of the projects against anticipated collections.