County Chairman Discusses Damage from Irma

Carrol County Ga -- Carroll County Chairman Marty Smith and Carroll County EMA Director Tim Padgett met today to evaluate the performance of the county's storm plan and how it was carried out by county crews and staff on Monday.

Smith said, "The plan worked very well. the plan that was put forth and everything worked very well for Carroll County. We were prepared and it showed."

Happy to see little serious damage reported in the county so far. But more than 150 trees did fall to the ground during the 15 hour storm period.
No injuries have been reported. Despite an accident in which county crews were sawing and clearing a large oak tree on a rural road in northern Carroll County, the driver of a vehicle slammed his breaks and skidded into the downed tree. Neither he nor the county employees were injured.

Smith said Carroll County had 14 two man teams clearing trees and debris to the sides of the road until about 10:00 PM Monday night. He said it may take up to two more weeks to cut up and haul those trees that have been cleared from the roadways. "There were some big trees," he said.

As far as total cost estimates for the county, smith says that those may be a couple of weeks away.
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Location : Carroll County